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3' W x 2' H Magnetic Marker Board

Item # YU-60X90-WHITE-GG
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4' W x 3' H Magnetic Marker Board

Item # YU-90X120-WHITE-GG
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5' W x 3' H Magnetic Marker Board

Item # YU-90X150-WHITE-GG
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6' W x 3' H Magnetic Marker Board

Item # YU-90X180-WHITE-GG
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Clear Dry-Erase Chart Stand

Item # CS700-CLR-CPR
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Boards are one of the most essential tools of the trade. In the classroom, chalkboards and dry erase whiteboards are filled with lessons, reminders and homework assignments. Post announcements, community activities and directory information on enclosed bulletin boards at the entrance and outside the building. And of course, bulletin boards are a must have for your word wall, motivational messages and displaying your students’ artwork.

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